Well-being Elevated seeks hundreds of U student minds this Fall


Well-being Elevated is a U student led project aimed at boosting mental health and well-being for all college students. The team is currently recruiting U students to participate in six peer support sessions and U students can earn $50 for their time and participation.

Grounded in scientific research, Well-being Elevated connects students and empowers them to manage stress, activate healthy behaviors, utilize strengths, practice mindfulness/meditation, gratitude and ultimately strengthen well-being. This program has been shown in the past to improve happiness and life satisfaction and to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

The six peer support sessions, conducted over Zoom, begin October 25th and end before the end of the semester. Students who participate in weekly activities and complete five out of the six sessions will receive $50 from Well-being Elevated. Each session is one hour and meetings begin weekly with an off over the week of Thanksgiving.


Signups close on October 22nd, or when all sessions are full.

The project is initially focusing on college students using a multimodal approach—an app and targeted support groups—to provide preventative and scalable mental health promotion services.

Research questions related to this project should be emailed to Dr. Nick Galli or Merry Joseph. Email scheduling questions here.