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Welcome to the Technology Licensing Office

The office formerly known as the PIVOT Center has changed names many times to keep up with the scope of our work and to reflect the evolving trends both in academia and the world. We started out in 1965 as the Product and Patent Development Office before changing to the Tech Transfer Office in 1986, Tech Commercialization Office in 2006, Technology & Venture Commercialization Office in 2013 and PIVOT Center in 2020.

This pivot to a new name reflects our commitment to our faculty and a focus on protecting and licensing intellectual property at the University of Utah.

Why the change?

Under the leadership of the Vice President for Research Erin Rothwell, we are expanding teams and services related to licensing and translation. The Technology Licensing Office in conjunction with the AVPR of Innovation and Translation will be able to deeply focus on all areas of licensing and translation.

“Technology Licensing Office” signifies our renewed focus on providing top-tier faculty services from disclosure and intellectual property protection to licensing.

What it means for you.

You get to laugh at us for changing our name while referring to us by any of the names you’ve known us by. More importantly you get to benefit from our commitment to refining our processes to ensure a timely review and support of your invention disclosures, market opportunity, commercialization strategy, de-risking and IP Protection, and licensing.

Thank you for being part of our entrepreneurial research community. We look forward to the future as Technology Licensing Office.

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We support you and your innovation.

Regardless of what you are looking for, or what stage you are in the innovation journey, the Technology Licensing Office is your go-to source to connect you with the U’s innovation ecosystem.

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