We want your stories about the impacts of COVID-19


Check out the new leading.utah.edu for a collection of articles, videos and podcasts showing how the U community is helping those impacted by COVID-19. A one-stop-shop for inspirational and informative content, the site showcases stories about the research groups (100+) from virtually every area of campus studying causes and consequences of COVID-19, and it’s a trusted source for information from our health care professionals who are working tirelessly to test, treat, educate, and care for the community.

The site also highlights what the university is doing to ensure continuity for our students keeping them on track for graduation and it shares the many ways the U continues to engage with the community via virtual arts and science programs. These stories also pay tribute to those helping to keep campus safe, and our facilities clean, and for the countless volunteers who have donated both their time and means to assist in the pandemic response efforts. In fact, our generous U community has raised a record-breaking $1.3 million for COVID-related efforts ranging from student support to patient care to the arts.

The U recognizes its important responsibility during this difficult time and the role it has in helping Utah recover and adapt to a new normal. If you’d like to add your U impact story to the mix, complete the submission form at the end of the site.