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Volunteer for COVID-19 Studies at the U of U

Learn how to volunteer for research studies related to COVID-19

To hasten a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Utah is matching volunteers from the general public with research studies. To learn more and volunteer, visit their website. New studies are being added on a regular basis. Potential participants are encouraged to fill out a survey if they do not find a study of interest but want to be contacted when new studies are available for enrollment.

COVID-19 is impacting all of us here in Utah and across the world. Researchers at the U are teaming up to help end the pandemic and save lives. Anyone can help in these efforts by taking part in research, including people who have not had COVID-19.

By volunteering, anyone can help scientists answer questions about how to prevent, treat, and possibly cure COVID-19. They will also help researchers answer questions about how to stay healthy during times of stress and isolation.

“With the support of community members who are willing to volunteer in our research studies, we will find the answers we need to treat our loved ones who become ill and understand the impact the pandemic has had on the people and businesses in our communities,” says Sadie Gabler, director of the Office of Research Participation Advocacy.