View your classes on the campus map


A new way-finding system is now in place to help U students find their classes.

Students can now track locations for their registered courses directly from their CIS portal. The program will indicate locations for on campus classes, and indicate which classes may be held offsite, online or through canvas. This tool is integrated with the campus map so students can load directions from building to building, find food and coffee, avoid construction, track shuttles and locate nearby parking lots.

To use this new feature, select Class Map on your registration page, or go to and login with CIS credentials. Additional instructions on how to access the maps can be found here.

In the future, watch for the class map to be added to the MobileU App.  The Registrar’s Office, in conjunction with UIT and the GIS Team, designed and created the tool based on an idea from a national conference. Plans for additional enhancements are already being developed.