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UShop launches new software purchase request form

New UShop users will need to complete the relevant required trainings.

To encourage compliance with University of Utah Policy 4-050 and Rule 4-050A, UShop has launched a new form called “Software Purchase Request” for initiating new software purchases greater than $5,000. The new form should be used for such purchases effective July 1, 2020. Using the new form replaces the process previously announced on June 28, 2019.

You can find the new form starting July 1 by logging in to UShop, navigating to the Purchase Requests section, and looking for the Software Purchase Request form.

Completing the form enables University Information Technology (UIT) or University of Utah Health to review and approve software purchase requests, as per the policy and rule. The review process is designed to prevent unnecessary duplicate software purchases and ensure compatibility with existing university IT systems (e.g., PeopleSoft, Canvas, Epic) and security requirements prior to purchase. In some cases, the software you need may already be available for your use at reduced or no cost through campus licensing agreements.

New UShop users will need to complete the relevant required trainings.

For questions about software and how to fill out the Software Purchase Request form, please contact UIT’s Aimee Ellett at

For questions about UShop training and UShop technical support, please contact the UShop team at or 801-585-2255.