Upgraded fuel tank is up and running


To comply with new regulations governing fuel storage and tanks, Fleet Services worked with the state to upgrade the only fuel site located on campus. Authorized University staff members may now use the new and improved pumps to refuel state and university-owned vehicles. 


Equipped with updated infrastructure, the new fuel site brings the facility up to current standards and makes refueling easier, safer and more convenient. The site offers unleaded and diesel fuel at an average of $0.05 cheaper than outside vendors. 


The upgraded fuel tank is located east of the Fleet Services building (formerly motor pool) on the north side of South Campus Drive. The new pumps are placed slightly to the west of the older tank’s location to allow for easier access to both sides of the station.


While the fuel station is owned and maintained by the State of Utah Fuel Program, the university’s Fleet Services department helps oversee services. Questions about the fuel site, campus vehicles, rentals and maintenance, may be directed to Dave Rees at david.rees@utah.edu.