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Updates from human resources

Updates on WellU, open enrollment and more.

Open enrollment is here

Because of the changing situations regarding COVID-19, open enrollment packets are being mailed later than usual. Employees should receive their packets in the next week. Open enrollment materials are available online now. Because of the current situation, premiums will not increase this year; however, plan changes are being made. View the OE Newsletter for information.

WellU options and deadlines

The deadline for completion of WellU requirements has been extended to Aug. 31, 2020. This deadline may be extended further, based on COVID-19 and health care provider circumstances.

As a reminder, WellU requirements are the following:

An annual physical or wellness exam is NOT required this year but will count as one WellU Wellness Activity.

Departments are encouraged to create department challenges that can provide employees with WellU credit, as well as provide some fun, social interaction for department employees. The University’s Wellness and Integrative Health team is offering assistance with programs, some at no cost to departments. Email if you are interested.


Telehealth visits are now being covered for all providers. University of Utah Health’s Virtual Urgent Care has agreed to waive copays for employees enrolled in the University’s Employee Health Care Plan. Other telehealth providers may require a payment for the services.

To use University Health Virtual Urgent Care, call 801-213-8669, click here or log into your MyChart account and click the “Schedule a Virtual Urgent Care Visit” link in the “Quick Links” column.

Check University Human Resource’s COVID-19 webpage for the latest information and guidance from UHRM.