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University Abusive Conduct Policy

The new policy is in accordance with the legislature.

During the last legislative session, the Utah Legislature passed the Abusive Conduct Reporting Amendments, H.B. 12. This bill requires all employers within the Utah System of Higher Education to provide training to their employees regarding abusive conduct and to create a policy for resolving abusive conduct reports among their employees. In alignment with this bill, the University of Utah has approved Interim Policy 1-021 Abusive Conduct and associated interim rules, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

This new interim policy and rules apply to all University of Utah employees, including University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics. This policy and its related rules underscore the university’s commitment to maintaining and promoting a workplace free of Abusive Conduct, provide a definition of what Abusive Conduct means and establish a method by which employees can report and the university can resolve Abusive Conduct. H.B. 12 also established a statutorily required annual training for all covered employees regarding recognizing and resolving Abusive Conduct in the workplace. This training will be sent to all employees in January 2021.

For more information, visit the Abusive Conduct website.