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U target of national white supremacist propaganda

More propaganda featuring the logo of a group called Identity Evropa was found on campus last week.

More propaganda featuring the logo of a group called Identity Evropa was found on campus last week. The Anti-Defamation League describes the group as a white supremacist organization focused on the preservation of white American culture and promoting white European identity. The group, which was founded in 2016, distinguishes itself from others by avoiding recognizable white supremacist imagery and language in order to enter the mainstream. Identity Evropa was found responsible for nearly half of all reported incidents of white supremacist propaganda appearing on college campuses during the past two years, according to a report published in January 2018 by the Anti-Defamation League. It uses these tactics to recruit college-age people to its ranks.The University of Utah opposes this organization and all it represents and remains committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and respect for people from all backgrounds. The U believes that having a diverse community is vital to a vibrant future that is increasingly global. It is through respectful dialogue and exposure to new ideas and experiences that individuals grow, innovate and work together to address societal needs and improve the world for all. Everyone has a place and role in this mission.

If individuals see flyers, posters, stickers or other items posted improperly on campus, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Many departments and buildings have different protocols for posting fliers around campus. Familiarize yourself with the norms in your area and the university’s official posting policy (V. Signs, Literature and Structures).
  2. All posters on campus are required to have a sponsoring group, company or host noted. All posters are also required to have a date. If you see something that is posted without permission, please remove it.
  3. If you come across an item that is defaced, note the location and notify a campus official.

If you have questions about the posting policy or are interested in learning more about the variety of resources the U offers to support diversity and inclusion, please visit the Office of the Dean of Students in the Union Building, Room 270,, 801-581-7066.