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U Football comes by “success respectably”

The Wall Street Journal’s Grid of Shame positions Utah Football in the upper right quadrant indicating the “strong” and respectable teams.

The Wall Street Journal’s Grid of Shame “helps fans determine how bad they should feel about feeling good about their favorite football team. It measures both how good major college football teams are on the gridiron, and how disgraceful they are off of it.”

The publication gives its methodology in the placement of each team on the grid:

“Each team’s location on the grid is determined by advanced numerical calculations and verified by the Journal’s resident sports nerds, who make sure a team’s location also reflects intangible factors that don’t come through in the data.

The Grid features only legitimate Football Bowl Subdivision contenders: each of the 64 schools in the five major conferences, plus a handful of other relevant programs.”

What does each axis represent?

Horizontal axis: “The more dominant a team is expected to be on the field, the farther right they land.”

Vertical axis (aka shame meter):  “The lower a team falls the more ignominy it heaps upon its fanbase.”

The University of Utah’s team sits in the upper right quadrant of the grid showing “you’re a strong team that has come by your success respectably.”

Click here to see the Grid of Shame.