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Truth in Tuition scheduled for March 13

Article updated 03/18/2024 with recording from the hearing. 

The University of Utah Truth in Tuition hearing is scheduled to take place on March 13 from 3-5 p.m. The annual meeting is a required step in the process for Utah System of Higher Education institutions to determine tuition and fee adjustments for the upcoming academic year. After the hearing, the University of Utah Board of Trustees will vote on the proposed adjustments, followed by the Utah Board of Higher Education.

The proposed tuition increase for 2024-2025 is between 2.45 – 4.5%, which means a full-time resident student taking 15 credit hours would pay approximately $111.51 – $204.81 more per semester. The general student fee is proposed to increase 1.65%, or $9.75 more per semester.

Members of the community who would like to attend the 2024 virtual Truth in Tuition presentation can register here. The presentation will explain how student fees and tuition are used at the University of Utah to cover operating costs of the university that are not covered by other resources.

“Ensuring our students receive a high-quality, affordable education remains paramount,” said Associate Vice President for Budget Jason Atuaia. “A rapid rise in inflation is impacting our operational costs, but we continue to find ways to balance affordability for our students while supporting and funding essential services they expect.”

The Board of Trustees will meet to approve tuition on March 15. The Utah Board of Higher Education will meet on March 22.