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The OneUCares faculty and staff emergency fund needs your help

To date, the OneUCares Fund has been able to assist fifteen University employees facing unforeseen and unavoidable hardships.  Examples of assistance provided for employees includes help with unexpected car repairs, spouses/partners who is unable to work because of a medical emergency or unexpectedly lost their employment, transportation to assist a loved one in crisis, and payment of unexpected, significant medical bills.

Eligibility requirements for assistance include, employees must have been in a benefit-eligible position for at least six months, cannot have had any disciplinary action in the past year, and must first exhaust all other available avenues of assistance.  Applications are reviewed by a committee of three staff members and evidence of the hardship is required.

Employees can donate to the fund through a one-time contribution or through an ongoing payroll deduction.

Additional information about donating or requesting assistance is on the HR website at