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The Last of EAE Launch

Launch is the end-of-year playtesting celebration for the Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program, a party where we give graduating students (from our undergraduate and graduate programs) a chance to show off their work. These games have taken a full year to create and are the result of student teams that manage every aspect of the game creation process. In addition, we’ll feature games from semester-long classes, some “alternative” controller games that show off creative ways to play, the GApp lab (which combines gaming with medical implementations) and more.

Wednesday, April 26 | 2-7 p.m.
Building 72 | Click here for directions

  • Graduate student thesis games
  • Undergraduate capstone projects
  • First-semester graduate student prototypes
  • The Gapp Lab
  • Traditional Game Dev, Alternative Game Dev and Intro to Game Design classes
  • Machinima
  • And more

Click here for the list of games that will be displayed.