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Tan France to speak at ASUU’s Annual Conference on Diverse Excellence

France is an English fashion designer and the star of Netflix’s hit show “Queer Eye.”

The Associated Students of the University of Utah will be hosting the 2020 Conference on Diverse Excellence (C.O.D.E.) in the A. Ray Olpin University Union on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. This year’s theme, selected by ASUU’s Diversity Board, is “Hate Has No Home Here” and focuses on bringing peoples of diverse backgrounds together in order to educate, uplift and support one another.

This year’s C.O.D.E. Keynote speaker is Tan France! France is an English fashion designer, the star of Netflix’s hit show “Queer Eye”, author and local SLC resident! His memoir, “Naturally Tan” discusses his experience growing up “gay in a traditional Muslim family, as one of the few people of color in Doncaster, England.” In partnership with the University Campus Book Store, France’s memoir will be available for purchase, as well as offering 20% off “Tan Mocha’s” during the 28th at the Campus Store Starbucks.

C.O.D.E offers critical workshops regarding pertinent issues that may not often be addressed in a traditional classroom. By attending C.O.D.E, participants will be better able to directly confront the adversities individuals face, as well as learn from the activists who are advocating equity and awareness. This conference aims to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus by promoting the understanding of the community we find ourselves in, so that people may successfully collaborate and prosper together while simultaneously encouraging individual cultures and identities.

The conference and keynote speech are free and open to the public. Attendees can look forward to a free breakfast and lunch, swag, free STI testing for students, and other inter-sectional workshops & services. We hope you join us to connect with other student leaders, network with faculty and staff, and partner with allies and advocates to build upon existing social justice education and knowledge in order to create change on campus and related communities.