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Take advantage of these Skills Workshops and Mindfulness Program offerings

University Counseling Center’s Skills Workshops and Mindfulness Programs (called Mindfulness Center in the past) continues to offer services—with a few exceptions—to all students, faculty and staff of the University of Utah community for the rest of the fall semester. Services are free, available in person or by Zoom (excluding holidays and breaks) and require participant registration to attend. Please, visit for information about content and registration. Flyers and summaries of content are provided via embedded links in each of the listed workshops. Please share with your colleagues and students and JOIN US!

Drop-In Mindfulness are 30-minute facilitated meditations are held on:

  • Mondays at 1 p.m.
  • Wednesdays at 12 p.m.

Drop-ins are ongoing and registration is not required.

Taming Stress is a 4-week skill building workshop series, which are offered on:

  • Series 4: Mondays, 1–2 p.m., 10/17 – 11/7 (in person)
  • Series 5: Thursday, 4–5 p.m., 11/3 – 12/1 (on zoom)
  • Series 6: Mondays, 1–2 p.m., 11/14 – 12/5 (on zoom)

Participants will learn effective and practical skills they can use to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as the distress of these challenging times.

Building Resilience is a 4-week skill building workshop series offered on:

  • Series 5: Thursday, 1–2 p.m., 11/3 – 12/1 (on zoom)
  • Series 6: Tuesdays, 4–5 p.m., 11/1 – 11/22 (on zoom)

Participants will learn and practice ways to increase their ability to recover successfully from life difficulties. While Building Resilience is a standalone workshop, its participants may greatly benefit from taking it as a follow-up to the Taming Stress workshop; however, this is not a prerequisite.

Interpersonal Effectiveness is a 4-week skill building workshop series offered on:

  • Series 2: Thursdays, 11–12 p.m., 10/26 – 11/16 (on zoom)

Participants will refine skills to develop and maintain meaningful rewarding relationships, while engaging in them authentically.

Trauma Triage is a supportive virtual workshop series offered in collaboration with the Center for Student Wellness. It is provided either as a series of 4 weekly sessions or as a half-day workshop, to accommodate different schedules, on:

  • Series 2: Thursdays, 4–5 p.m., 10/27 – 11/17 (on zoom)
  • Half-Day Format: Monday, 1–4 p.m., 10/24 (in person, students only)

Workshop is designed to empower participants with skills and knowledge to manage the impacts of difficult events they have personally experienced. This can be a first step before accessing longer-term supportive services or as a refresher for folx who may want to increase their supportive resources.

Mental Coaching is a 4-week skill building workshop series, running on:

  • Series 2: Tuesdays from 3:30–5 p.m., 10/25 – 11/15 (on zoom)

The workshop is for neuro-diverse students wanting to improve planning, follow through and time management

Mindful Work/Life Balance is a 4-week workshop series, which is for U faculty, staff and graduate students is offered on:

  • Series 2: Wednesdays from 1–2 p.m., 10/26 – 11/16 (on zoom)

The workshop introduces participants to mindful strategies for managing work/life stress.

We also offer programs, including providing mindfulness workshops in your office that may be relevant to your colleagues, staff and/or team members. Please request a presentation. Please see for more information, resources for enhancing resilience, mindfulness practices and more.