Study later, study safer


For many students, finals week is not complete without a late-night study session at the Marriott Library. However, for some, being on campus at night brings an uneasy feeling.

As the pressure of finals week weighs heavy on students, the last thing they should worry about is getting to their parked vehicle or dorm safely. To help students feel more comfortable on campus at night, SafeRide will match the Marriot Library’s closing time—meaning it will run until 1 a.m. Dec. 2-5 and until 2 a.m. on Dec. 9-12.

*SafeRide does not operate on weekends. 

What is SafeRide?

SafeRide is a campus safety transportation service, developed by Commuter Services specifically to support and protect students. Students can request a SafeRide to and from most locations on campus by downloading the TapRide app from the App Store or Google Play. Visit the SafeRide website for more information.