Students win at air quality conference


Three University of Utah chemical engineering students, all advised by assistant professor Kerry Kelly, were each awarded $100 for their posters at the “Air Quality: Science for Solutions” virtual conference held earlier in June.

The recipients included graduate students Kamaljeet Kaur and Shruti Hegde and undergraduate Ember Chadwick. All are working on degrees in chemical engineering.

Kaur’s poster was titled “Real-time measurement of mass deposition in an electrostatic based air-liquid interface in vitro exposure system using quartz crystal microbalance,” while Hegde’s was, “Integrated TiO2 nano-sensor package for detecting fugitive volatile organic compound emissions.” Chadwick’s poster was titled, “Using a low-cost sensor network to understand the effect of COVID-19 on particle pollution.”

The conference, which was co-sponsored by the U’s Program for Air Quality, Health and Society, focuses on air science and covers topics including atmospheric chemistry, health impacts, meteorology, emissions, modeling and public policy.

Shruti Hegde

Kamaljeet Kaur

Ember Chadwick