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Student startup prints on walls

David Eccles School of Business students created ArtCiel, a company that transforms ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works.

Aaron Dobron, a Master of Business Creation student at the David Eccles School of Business, might not be a student anymore if he weren’t having so much darn fun.

Dobron and his co-founders started Artciel, a company that creates the possibility of transforming ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art. Using patented, state-of-the-art technology, they print high-quality designs, photos, and artwork directly to the surfaces of any material.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

This large digital painting depicts a bronze goliath being assembled by a team of small helpful robots. The mural was created for display in the Neeleman Hangar, with the intent of highlighting the collaborative nature of the space.

In a very short time, Artciel can turn your office or home wall from drab to fab. Using a unique set-up that allows the printer itself to move over the surface, stabilized on scaffolding. The printer is the only one of its kind in all of North America. The speed of the machine competes easily with the other popular options for walls — vinyl, which is quite pricey and requires experienced no-how to apply, or an artist, whose time and supplies in addition to the art itself can run customers into the thousands.

Artciel was co-founded by Dobron, Davin Saderholm, Doug Reynolds, and Dominic Barsi, and employs a graphic designer and business consultant who are both students. Davin Saderholm, another alum who became involved with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute through Dobron, was convinced by Troy D’Ambrosio, the institute’s executive director, to invest in the startup.

“I have 30 years doing product development and machine development,” Davin explains. “Aaron is learning the latest and greatest in business development. That’s where I don’t excel. They excel. So it’s been a nice partnership.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

A second installation has been commissioned on the fourth floor at Lassonde Studios – the Adventure & Gear Floor. Designed by former Lassonde Studios resident of two years, Isaac Toshiro Griffin now lives in Orlando, Fla., where he’s a 3D modeler/artist. This mural was sponsored by a new donation from Chad and Kristen Anselmo to sponsor activities on the Adventure & Gear Floor.

Dobron says that without the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, he would never have been able to realize this dream, and find this great opportunity.

“You need teamwork and a lot of optimism, because most of the time is spent struggling,” Dobron says. “It never goes as fast as you want it to, or as planned. So, you stay positive, keep trucking along, and learn to rely on the team you have built. There are a lot of things that I don’t know how to do and that’s where my team comes in, which makes a world of difference.

Caleb Cutler, a Utah grad, designed a piece for the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute from his home in Portland, Ore., that Artciel installed at Lassonde Studios. Though Cutler was far away, he was able to work collaboratively with the rest of the team to create a unique design that brings the wall to life.

Dobron said he looks forward to more creative team-ups with artists who can be hired on a freelance basis and have their work showcased in this new, innovative way.

Dobron said he envisions this becoming the future of wall decoration — citing his dream example of an Artciel printing on the wall at the Huntsman Center depicting a game-winning shot, that changes throughout the season to highlight other great moments in the Utes’ season. He also said he’s interested in working with hospitals, to transform the patient experience and be able to create comforting or inspirational environments not only in rooms but throughout the entire building.

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