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Storm water pollution prevention

The storm water drains you see in parking lots and along the roadways discharge directly into state water bodies. There is no cleanup that takes place once storm water enters the drain so anything that gets put into the drain such as oil or litter all goes to the same place.

As part of the Stormwater Management Plan the University of Utah prohibits the commencement, conduct or continuance of any illegal, non-storm water discharge to the storm drain system. Pollutants include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Household hazardous wastes (kitchen and bathroom cleaners, etc.)
  • Oil (even edible oils) and/or fluids from motor vehicles
  • Pet waste
  • Trash, litter or debris such as grass clippings
  • Construction site generated pollutants (concrete washout, sediment)

Remember! Only clean water can go down the storm drain!

For more information on storm water pollution prevention or any of the following please contact  Environmental Health and Safety: (801)581-6590

  • To report outdoor spills, illegal dumping or other illicit discharges threatening storm drains
  • To submit questions or comments concerning the University’s Storm Water Management Plan
  • To report construction site related pollution concerns such as sediment tracking onto streets