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Stay warm and save energy this winter—trade your space heater for an electric blanket

Want to stay warm this winter while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions? Consider participating in the Heat People, Not Spaces! space heater exchange. 

Through this program, University of Utah faculty, staff and students can trade their space heater for a free electric blanket. If you don’t have a space heater to exchange, don’t worry—electric blankets can be purchased for $30.

Space heaters are energy drains that emit greenhouse gasses and pollute the air we breathe. By switching to an electric blanket, you’ll save energy, minimize fire risk and stay cozy all winter long.

Electric blankets use 90% less energy than a typical portable electric space heater. Using a portable electric space heater for eight hours produces as much carbon dioxide as a 20.7-mile car ride. By switching from a space heater to an electric throw, you’ll save the emissions equivalent to a trip from the U to the border of Idaho every week.

Heat People, Not Spaces! is a partnership between the Sustainability Office and SEEDS2OIL, a program that funds and supports opportunities for carbon reduction at the U. To participate, please submit this form and we’ll contact you to make an appointment. Blankets are limited and exchanged on a first-come-first-served basis, so claim yours today. Email for more information.