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Spring Semester Interfaith and Cultural Calendar

As the Spring 2024 Semester begins, all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to review upcoming interfaith and cultural dates. The University of Utah respects the right of all students and employees to observe their religious holidays and cultural observances. To live up to our commitment to create a sense of belonging and safety on campus we must make room for those of diverse faith practices as well as those who do not observe or practice as a personal choice. This freedom to choose and practice remains one of our most important liberties.

Students should work with their instructors in advance when the need arises to be absent from a class for religious or cultural obligations or observance reasons. Students can also work with the Office of the Dean of Students when needed.

Faculty and staff can submit a Religious Accommodation Request when their sincerely held religious observance, practice, or beliefs conflict with the work environment. If a student, staff or faculty member feels they have experienced discrimination or harassment because of their religious or cultural beliefs, they may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Members of campus can request additions and/or corrections to be made to this interfaith calendar by emailing .