Spring 2022 Virtual Get Involved Fair


The Department of Student Leadership & Involvement will host the Spring 2022 Virtual Get Involved Fair on Thursday, Jan. 13 from 10 a.m.–2 p.m., on Campus Connect.

The Virtual Get Involved Fair is a great opportunity for incoming students and the greater campus community to meet student representatives from select Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) at the U. RSOs at the event will showcase their organizations and provide information on how to get involved around campus. Be sure to follow Student Leadership & Involvement on Instagram for updates about the event and opportunities to engage with RSOs at the event virtually through Instagram Stories.


There are over 450 RSOs on campus. These organizations are led by students and provide a fantastic involvement opportunity for students to find community, connection and fun on campus. Whether student are seeking long-term involvement or simply want to participate in one or two RSO events, there are a wide variety of opportunities to explore. Students and campus community members can browse the full list of RSOs and events on Campus Connect.

Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Utah offers a variety of events, programs and service. Our mission is to inspire students to action, encourage engagement in campus and community service and provide opportunities that enrich and support personal and academic growth and development, which culminates in a lifelong commitment to effective leadership. Students who want to learn more about how to get involved on campus can contact a student Involvement Ambassador at getinvolved@utah.edu to schedule an involvement consultation.