Spring 2021 town halls


The Academic Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Divestment and Strategic Reinvestment Investigations spent fall 2020 gathering information on the following topic areas:

Defining Fossil Fuels • Background  on Previous Efforts at the U • Current  UU  Investment  Strategies • Summary of Market  History • Corporate  Governance • Highlights from Other Institutions • Feedback  from UU community • 10 year outlook

The Spring 2021 town halls will be your chance to learn about the committee’s findings and hear about the contents of the draft report. Join us on Monday, January 11 from noon to 1 pm. Log in to your Utah Zoom account to join: https://utah.zoom.us/j/97127708532

More information about the ad hoc committee, a recording of previous sessions, and other information can be found here: senate-ad-hoc-committee-for-divestment-and-reinvestment-investigation