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Send personal packages home, please

As the holiday season approaches, please do not misuse the campus mail system for personal use.

As the holiday season approaches and usage of mail services increases, University Print & Mail Services would like to remind the campus that personal correspondence, packages (e.g. Amazon shipments, etc.) and other deliveries should not be sent to campus addresses but rather, to home addresses.

Because UPS and FedEx reroute packages through The United States Postal Service (USPS), the volume of packages distributed through Campus Mail continues to increase, making prompt deliveries more difficult. Pursuant to University policy 3-162, use of the Campus Mail system is available only to recognized university organizations for official University purposes and is not intended for personal use. Accordingly, faculty and staff should refrain from using the Campus Mail system for receiving or sending personal mail and understand that if they do so, the University is not liable for the contents of those parcels.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Juan Sosa at 801-580-7792 or Thank you for your cooperation, University Print & Mail Services enjoys serving the campus community and appreciates your ongoing support.