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Save the dates for U Remembers

U Remembers 2022 will take place April 25-29.

U Remembers is an annual week of events at the University of Utah that reflects on the historical effects of racial discrimination and invites us to make connections between the past and contemporary social issues. U Remembers is planned by a volunteer committee of students, faculty, trainees and staff collaborating across the university. All are welcome to get involved and participate.Stack of two books, book on top reads "Protecting the truth, April 25-28, 2022." U Remembers logo is in the left corner.

U Remembers 2022 will take place April 25-29. The theme is “Protecting the Truth.”

International Remembrance Day on January 27, 2022, marked the 77th year since the liberation of Auschwitz and the revelation of Nazi crimes against Europe’s Jews. With fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors alive to tell their stories, white supremacist and antisemitic groups have worked to erase, distort and censor the horrors of the Holocaust. Inaccurately taught history classes and banned books — forms of historical erasure, censorship and cultural control — have become more frequent across the United States. It is more urgent than ever to advocate and fight for historical events to be accurately taught and preserved for posterity. “Protecting the Truth” will emphasize the importance of holding each other accountable for truthfully honoring the legacy of those who were murdered and those who survived the Holocaust.

While event planning is still underway, explore what’s in the works here.