Same office, new branding


In an effort to be more inclusive of all alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations coined the phrase “U Alumni” as the brand name for what has traditionally been called the University of Utah Alumni Association.

U Alumni is both a branded program and an association of alumni that falls under the auspices of the Office of Alumni Relations.

This change was made primarily because we are no longer a dues-based organization. However, for legal purposes and official pronouncements, we can still use the full name—the “University of Utah Alumni Association” or the “Alumni Association”—in memos of understanding, official governance communication and legal documents.

For the past couple of years, in terms of branding the program, we have gradually introduced the name “U Alumni” (two words, both in initial caps) in marketing, communications and generally written references. In contrast, if we are referencing a specific person or the number of people who attended the U, then the appropriate usage is the lowercase “a” in U alum, U alumnus, U alumna, U alumnae and U alumni.

One can be part of the U Alumni community without being a degreed alum. People who meet the definition of “alumni,” which is a degree-holder or at least 60 matriculated credit hours or four semesters (a.k.a., “non-grads”), or who were grandfathered in as Life members or Honorary Alumni, can all be called “members of U Alumni,” or “part of the U Alumni community.”

Feel free to use “U Alumni” and the U Alumni logo in place of the “Office of Alumni Relations,” when its use does not cause confusion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office! We are so excited for what lies ahead for our office and for our alumni and look forward to continuing to strengthen and preserve lifelong relationships in our community and across campus.