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Respiratory Protection Program

The U's program outlines the requirements for use of protection such as respirators on campus.

Some situations at the university may require the use of an air purifying respirator. For this reason, the university has an established respiratory protection program which outlines the requirements for use of respiratory protection, such as respirators, on campus.

If you feel that you need to use a respirator in your work please note the following:

  • It is important to remember that use of a respirator must be based on a hazard assessment. Please contact EHS to schedule a hazard assessment.
  • Use of a respirator requires an area specific written respiratory protection plan. Templates for this are available on the EHS website.
  • Use of a respirator requires that you complete a medical evaluation.
  • Use of a respirator requires that your respirator be tested on you to ensure that the fit is correct and it will provide the required protection.
  • You must be trained in the proper use of a respirator prior to using one.
  • You must be provided with your own dedicated respirator—no sharing.
  • You must properly store, maintain, and clean your respirator after each use.

For the complete University of Utah’s Respiratory Prevention Program click here.