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Researcher, lawmaker and community organizer discuss environmental justice in Utah

Discussion on April 15 explores principles of restorative environmental justice

In a Dialogue on Disparities hosted by the University of Utah NEXUS Institute, panelists including researcher Daniel Mendoza, Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla and community organizer Meisei Gonzalez will discuss the accelerating impacts of climate change on Utah and how restorative environmental justice principles and practices can be promoted by researchers and lawmakers. The discussion, held April 15, 2022 from 12-1 p.m. via Zoom (password: NEXUS) is in anticipation of Earth Day 2022.

The NEXUS Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute in the U’s College of Social and Behavioral Science. Dialogue on Disparities is an ongoing panel series that has addressed topics including homelessness, air quality and mental health with perspectives from research, public policy and community organization.

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