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Research Matters: College of Social Work

Check out the 2020 edition of Research Matters from the College of Social Work.

Research Matters from the College of Social Work is an in-depth look at some of the research generated by faculty, staff and students, as well as a comprehensive list of the grants and publications for the year.

Check out the 2020 edition here.

headshot of Martell Teasley, Dean of the College of Social Work

Martell Teasley, dean of the College of Social Work at the University of Utah

A message from the dean

The last year has demonstrated the devastating costs of misinformation, as well as the critical need for sound scientific inquiry. Researchers often land in their profession because of a calling to problem-solve, to deepen understanding, and to contribute something that will improve the lives of others. It is our responsibility—as educators, scholars, practitioners, consumers, and global citizens—to share the best evidence-based practices with our students, our clients and our communities. I am extraordinarily proud of the ways our faculty and staff have continued to advance the body of knowledge, in social work and in allied professions, during this unique moment in our shared history. I warmly invite you to learn more about their work.

Martell Teasley, Ph.D., MSW
Dean and professor

Trauma-Informed Teachers for Tots

Working to strengthen trauma-informed responses, Dr. Alysse Loomis studies different types of trauma-informed training for teachers of young children and found a surprisingly small shift could have a big impact.
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Flexible Work Policies: Adapting How, When, and Where People Work

How do flexible work policies affect mental health? After conducting an extensive review, Dr. Philip Osteen’s research team provides insight and recommendations.
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Seeking Support & Stopping Stigma for Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Micro, mezzo and macro intersect when Dr. Sarah Canham considers how we can provide the best supports to older adults experiencing homelessness.
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