Required Bystander Intervention Training for student organizations


The University of Utah is committed to fostering a culture of safety, with ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure, practices, campus awareness, and response to daily incidents, as well as during crises. We want to empower the leadership of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) to have information about safety and well-being, including where to report concerns and what resources are available to students for a variety of issues. Robust safety and training resources can be found online at

Additionally, a new law requires that education focused on victim-support resources, bystander intervention, and sexual consent be provided to student organizations. As of May 14, 2019, this new law (Senate Bill 134) requires that members of RSOs be provided with annual “Campus Safety Training” in order to receive or maintain official recognition by the University.

As an RSO at the University of Utah, here is what you need to know:

  • To comply with State law, a minimum of three officers or members of the leadership of your organization must participate in the educational training we are offering. We highly encourage you to share this educational training with all members of your student organization.
  • Student Leadership & Involvement will be confirming that at least three officers have completed this educational training by Dec. 13, 2019. To complete the Campus Safety Training, please visit the following:
    • Watch the video (click here).
    • Complete this quiz as evidence of training completion. While the three officers of the organization may watch the video together, each individual student must fill out the form separately to show that at least three different people per organization have completed this campus safety training.
  • If the organization fails to comply, your organization will be in danger of losing official recognition, which includes forfeiting the benefits of being a Recognized Student Organization, including but not limited to:
    • Organization’s Campus Connect Profile and the accompanying tools and postings
    • Plazafest/Get-Involved Fair
    • Ability to reserve space on-campus at a free or reduced rate
    • Fundraising on campus
    • ORG support and training
    • Access to requesting ASUU funds
    • Reimbursement of ASUU funds, and more

For additional safety-related information, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Student Leadership & Involvement’s student organization support team, the Organization Resource Group (ORG) at or call ORG at 801-581-7526.”