Remembering Peter Kraus


Peter Kraus

June 18, 1968-April 5, 2020

Our good friend and colleague, Peter Kraus, passed away on Sunday, April 5. Peter began working at the Marriott Library in 1999, when he was hired as a government documents librarian. He was awarded tenure in 2006 and held the rank of associate librarian at the time of his passing.

Peter had a gift for making lasting, lifelong friendships and collaborations within the university, the state and the library profession. A gifted extemporaneous speaker, he was an excellent storyteller, teacher and friend to many. His ability to make personal connections with students, staff and faculty was both remarkable and inspiring.  He excelled in finding the researcher and learner the materials needed to answer a question, support a thesis or solve a problem. He helped countless researchers in doing a detailed, in-depth literature review or analysis of a topic. He was an expert in finding state, federal, government and international documents. He worked closely with students, faculty and staff in the David Eccles School of Business, Technology Venture Commercialization, political science and public administration, Veterans Center, Athletics, university development, history, German, Honors College, Block U, S.J. Quinney College of Law, grant funding and the School of Medicine. Peter was a wonderful ambassador and advocate for the University of Utah, public and academic libraries across the state and the profession of librarianship.

Peter’s loss will be keenly felt throughout the library, the university and the broader community. He was known for his gregarious personality and his ability to forge connections with people.