Red Flag Project installation at the Union


As part of the 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) activities, the Red Flag project is an interactive and visual installation that helps identify the differences between health and unhealthy relationships.

The mission of the Red Flag Project is to engage students, staff and faculty in a campus wide dialogue about interpersonal violence through the creation of a communal art project that will consist of red and green flags.  The red flags will have a word or phrase hand-written on it that describes an unhealthy relationship. Green flags will have language that describes a healthy relationship.

The flags will be on display beginning Wednesday, Oct. 27- Nov. 3 on the southwest lawn at the Student Union.

This year, departments and organizations from across campus participated in advance of the event to create the flags and the relationship messages. Organizers in the University Counseling Center provided packets of materials and instructions to include the experiences of faculty, staff and students from across campus.