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PTC announces free online holiday concerts

Free concerts, cooking and crafts segments, holiday windows and a five-part reading of "A Christmas Carol" from Pioneer Theatre Company.

Pioneer Theatre Company has launched two festive holiday concerts online as part of its month-long celebration, “Let It Show! PTC’s Perfectly Pandemic Productions.” The online concerts are titled “Home for the Holiday” and “Let your Heart be Light.”

Both concerts are free to the public.

Musical Director Phil Reno joins forces with 13 performers familiar to PTC’s stage, from all over the country, including Utah. The performers have recorded favorite holiday songs that are compiled in two 40-50 minutes concerts. To facilitate the concert production in a safe, socially distant environment, performers were mailed a production package from Utah’s BW Productions and coached on filming their own performances.

The recordings were then compiled into the events that will launch on Dec. 16 and 24 at 7 p.m. PTC Artistic Director Karen Azenberg directs the ensembles.

Additionally, PTC has two “Cooking & Craft” segments. One is “Broadway Nosh” with Kirsten Wyatt and friends and is available now online, while the other segment will airs Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. Both shows have PTC alum creating delightful snacks, drinks and crafts. Perfect to get into the holiday mood.

Equity cast for the holiday concerts

Lucy Anders, Brent Barrett, Galyana Castillo, Tyla Collier, Brandon Contreras, Lenny Daniel, Mary Fanning Driggs, Paul-Jordan Jansen, Judy McLane, David Park, Blake Stadnik, Anne Tolpegin and non-Equity member Elijah Emmett Curry.

Director: Karen Azenberg
Musical director: Phil Reno

Cast for the cooking and crafts segments

“Broadway Nosh”: Kirsten Wyatt, Sean Nowell, Ruth Pferdehirt and Michael Thomas Holmes

“Cooking & Craft”: Eric Santagata, Howard Kaye, Lenny Daniel and Mary Fanning Driggs