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Promo items available for Employee Appreciation Day

Great ideas to promote your department.

Employee Appreciation Day is on Oct. 14, 2021. If your department is hosting a booth at EAD, University Print & Mail Services can supply you with branded promo items.

How to pick promo items

Instead of giving your esteemed colleagues and hardworking employees the same old swag every other booth is giving out, why not give them something they actually want?

Here are three tips for picking the right promotional item that will actually get used.

1.   Is it practical?

Think to yourself, “What can employees use on a daily basis at work and at home?” Have you thought about choosing swag that employees’ families can use?

2.   Don’t personalize or genderize it

It would be nice to hand-select the perfect gift for every U employee—but let’s be honest, that’s not realistic or affordable. A good rule is to avoid gender-specific gifts and instead choose lifestyle gifts that all genders can use.

3.   Promote your department outside of work

People are proud to work at the U. It’s no surprise that Forbes ranked the University of Utah as the No. 1 best employer in the state of Utah. Employees want to show their pride! A good tip for choosing swag is to pick something employees will be proud to wear or use even outside of work.

Five swag ideas

Need some help brainstorming? Here are five promotional item ideas.

Exercise items

Promote a healthy lifestyle and give employees something they can enjoy outside.

Kids toys

Spending time with family is important for your employees. Try giving them something to do with their kids.

Dog Toys

A way to your employees’ hearts is through their pets. Try giving swag their pets can use, like a collapsible dog bowl.

Eco-friendly items

Help your employees be sustainable and reduce waste. Have you thought of reusable straws?

Desk Toys

Everyone needs a break at work. Why not help them destress with a desk toy?

For more promotional item ideas, click here.

How to order

To order, contact Roger King at or call 801-581-6171 and ask for Roger.

* NOTE: There are quantity minimums and delivery can take up to five weeks, so order now.