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Problems with weekly @theU email

Why your email was late last week.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives—including the delivery of the weekly @theU email roundup.

As the outbreak was unfolding in March, members of our campus IT noticed an uptick in the number of phishing emails hitting the servers purporting to be from President Ruth Watkins, Athletics Director Mark Harlan and other official university accounts. In order to protect the infrastructure of the computer systems, UIT tightened security on which emails would be allowed through. Unfortunately, the email address for @theU was inadvertently blocked.

We didn’t realize what had happened until Monday, April 6, when we heard from dozens of you saying you had not received your weekly email. Working with UIT, we were quickly able to identify the problem and resend the email on the afternoon of April 7.

We do not foresee there being any further problems with the weekly emails. However, please know the email is not your only source for news at the U. We are updating the @theU webpage every day with new stories and announcements. Check it out when you want the latest news and you don’t want to wait until Monday!