Please complete USHE and Huron Consulting survey


In the coming days, department leaders across the university will receive a web-based survey from Huron Consulting. The survey is part of a study by the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) to identify potential opportunities across all of the state’s public colleges and universities for increased shared service operations and improved service delivery.

University leaders are asked to make completing the survey a priority to help meet the system goal of a 90% completion rate.

The survey will ask teams to provide information on what activities they spend professional time on over a given year. According to USHE Commissioner David Woolstenhulme, the survey is not intended to measure or evaluate individual job performance or ability (read the commissioner’s full message here). Rather, the information will be aggregated and combined with other quantitative and qualitative analyses to make recommendations on potential USHE-wide shared services, processes and technology. The final results of the study will include recommendations and analysis, and be reported back to the state legislature.