Pedestrian and driver safety


With the fall semester starting, the campus will again be busy with students, faculty and staff trying to get where they need to be; stay alert and safe, especially when using or driving through crosswalks.


  • Always cross at marked crosswalks. They are designed and put in for your safety. Crossing anywhere else is illegal and puts you at greater risk while creating un-needed hazards.
  • Obey any pedestrian signals and look left-right-left to make sure the road is clear in both directions before crossing.
  • If a vehicle approaches, make eye contact with the driver to be sure they see you before you cross.
  • Look before walking past stopped vehicles.
  • Do not cross because a driver waves you on. Check and be sure that all lanes are clear before proceeding.


  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at intersections.
  • Be prepared to stop at all marked crosswalks. Stay alert and reduce speed in areas with crosswalks.
  • Be alert for bicyclists and skateboarders whose approaches to the crosswalk may be much quicker than those of pedestrians.
  • Come to a complete stop if pedestrians are crossing or preparing to cross.
  • Wait until all pedestrians have reached the other side of your traffic lanes crosswalk before resuming travel.
  • Never pass another vehicle that has stopped or is slowing down at a crosswalk.