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Participate in a research climate survey

You are invited to participate in the University of Utah’s Survey of Organizational Research Climate.

Institutions who receive public funds are expected to take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure research integrity is a priority. Data-based assessments of an institution’s research integrity culture are necessary.

You are invited to participate in the University of Utah’s “Survey of Organizational Research Climate.”

We are asking you to help the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance assess our current climate for scholarly and research integrity by completing an online survey that will take less than 10 minutes. Your participation is voluntary but important to the success of this effort. All departments that participate will receive aggregated data about their department’s research climate along with national averages specific to that discipline. Further, these data will serve as a baseline for how resources for research education and training should be prioritized.

All faculty, scientists, researchers, technicians, postdoctoral trainees and graduate/undergraduate students across the institution are being asked to participate. Please forward this email to them.

Click on this link to take the brief survey.