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Paid positions available in student government

Jobs are available.

Your newly elected Student Body Presidency—President Ephraim Kum, Vice President of University Relations Ayana Amaechi and Vice President of Student Relations Michelle Valdes—is currently looking to fill paid student leadership positions within the ASUU Executive Branch for the upcoming year. The incoming presidency is seeking students who are passionate about being change-makers on campus, and who want to team up to provide more access to University of Utah students.

The presidency’s platform is focused on providing students with further access to safety, connectivity and affordability. Right now, there are over 40 executive branch positions you can apply for to be engaged in this work with us.

ASUU is structured similar to the federal government with three branches: the judicial, the legislative and the executive. The Executive Branch is led by the presidency and the chief of staff (also an open position). ASUU’s executive cabinet mirrors the President’s Cabinet, with various directors tasked with different types of advocacy work. In the Executive Branch, there are 11 boards. These boards range from Campus Events (where you work to bring high-quality performers and speakers) to diversity (where you can focus on making our campus more equitable, inclusive and diverse) to Government Relations (where you can increase student voter turnout in local and federal elections). The current open positions are for directors and associate directors, chairs and vice chairs of all 11 boards. Each position will have a part in helping us continue our mission of bringing access to students.

If you are looking for a leadership opportunity, a chance to meet amazing and passionate friends and an ability to make big changes on campus, apply now. We can’t wait to work with you.

To apply for any of our open positions or learn more, head over to the newly revamped ASUU website. We have listed the boards below for you, for your convenience. And as always, GO UTAH!

  • Campus Events Board
  • Diversity Board
  • Elections Board
  • Finance Board
  • First-Year Council
  • Government Relations Board
  • Marketing Board
  • Student Immersion and Outreach Board
  • Student Resources Board
  • Sustainability Board