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New Interfaith & Cultural Calendar to be used as a campus resource

A new Interfaith & Cultural Calendar has been added to the U’s primary event calendar— This wholistic resource, which promotes religious and cultural inclusivity, lists the religious holidays and cultural festivities observed by the many diverse members of our campus community throughout the year.

The calendar can be used by campus entities as a guide for when to plan events and activities so they are respectful of the various observances scheduled throughout the year. By scheduling events that do not fall on religious holidays and cultural festivities and observances, campus partners can prevent feelings of exclusion or marginalization of others for their sincerely held traditional, cultural or religious beliefs, or practices, fostering a more inclusive campus culture.

Each event included in the calendar lists the following:

  • Date(s)
  • Title of the event
  • Brief description
  • The faith or group that recognizes the observance
  • Requested accommodations
  • A link to more information

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize the calendar to facilitate better understanding of the diverse campus groups, creating a more inclusive community for everyone.

Recognizing that many faiths are observed following the lunar calendar, great care has been taken to forecast and add all events through the year 2033.

A full list of observances can be found on the Interfaith & Cultural Holiday Calendar website.

The calendar will be reviewed and updated annually. Members of the campus community can request additions and/or corrections to the interfaith calendar by emailing