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New academic journals available at EHSL

The work of researchers and health professionals from across the University of Utah are now available online. 

The work of researchers and health professionals from across the University of Utah are featured in two new academic journals published by the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL). The first, Utah Women’s Health Review (UWHR), was announced in Spring 2020 and represents a collaboration among EHSL, the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, and the Utah Department of Health. The peer-reviewed journal focuses on issues related to the health of women in our state.

This journal came about when Kathleen Digre, MD, a neuro-ophthalmologist with the Moran Eye Center, and Caren Frost, Ph.D., MPH, from the Department of Social Work, approached EHSL’s head of digital publishing, Nancy Lombardo, MLS, with the idea of an internal publication focused specifically on women’s health issues.

“I was thrilled with the prospect of putting together and publishing a comprehensive journal of research on women’s health,” Lombardo says. “Historically, the majority of medical research has been conducted on men. This collection is gender-specific and features fascinating research and profiles.”

UWHR content is based on the seven domains of women’s health, which include: physical, emotional, environmental, social, intellectual, financial, and spiritual. Each year, the UWHR Editorial Board reviews and selects new research works that fall into the seven domains for publication in the journal.

A second new publication, Journal of the Academy of Health Sciences Educators (JAHSE), was announced in summer 2020. JAHSE is unique in that it offers an open-access platform inviting new authors to have quality work pre-published free of charge. Once in the JAHSE, the content is searchable on the web. However, the author may continue to work on and improve the pre-published version in order to submit it to a more traditional peer-reviewed journal.

“The goal of the JAHSE is to promote faculty skills needed for dissemination of all kinds of educational scholarship,” explains Lombardo. “EHSL provides the platform, and AHSE provides a mentoring system, whereby authors can submit all kinds of documents for review and assistance in improving. We welcome submissions of all kinds, including traditional research reports, opinion and innovation pieces, review of prior work, curriculum materials, educational videos, and more. JAHSE is a great venue for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students who are trying to get published for the first time.”

Both of EHSL’s new journals are available online.