Limited cooling in some campus buildings


Due to an equipment failure at a chilled water plant on campus, several buildings will have limited cooling capabilities for the next week. Crews are working to address the problem as quickly as possible and installing temporary cooling equipment, subject to availability, while the repairs take place. However, temperatures in these buildings may get into the mid 80s, depending on weather throughout the week. Crews are working to prioritize and accommodate labs and other temperature-sensitive areas that could affect research. An update about the situation will be provided as soon as more information is available.

The buildings will remain open during this time, and those using the spaces are encouraged to plan accordingly. Staff who are concerned may work with their supervisors to coordinate alternative work arrangements during this time. Faculty may check with the Scheduling Office regarding limited options for relocating classes.

Affected buildings include:

  • Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building (Building 45)
  • Lassonde Studios (Building 46)
  • Gardner Commons (Building 48)
  • Languages & Communication (Building 49)
  • Sill Center (Building 51)
  • Alumni House (Building 52)
  • Civil and Materials Engineering (Bildings 56 and 57)
  • Meldrum Civil Engineering (Building 61)
  • Warnock Engineering Building (Building 62)
  • Merrill Engineering Building (Building 64)
  • Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology USTAR (Building 151)

Updates will be posted at