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Interactive art project celebrates Women’s History Month

The College of Education project invites creative expression regarding women's rights issues.

The University of Utah College of Education celebrates March as Women’s History Month with an engaging, interactive art project that allows for free expression and includes all members of the community, no matter their gender identity. Myriad women’s rights issues face society, showing that much work remains to be done to achieve equality. The Women’s History Month art project provides a way for the U community to engage in conversation, express their personal views, celebrate how far we’ve come and prepare for the work that lies ahead.

The project is located in the main hall of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex and runs through March 31. All are welcome to contribute: College of Education students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of gender identity. Share thoughts, experiences, feelings hopes and wishes on whiteboards, an e-board and a Post-It board.

Participants are invited to address the prompts When Policy Becomes Personal or Empower Your Voice. They can also post a favorite quote, piece of art or profile of a woman who inspires them. The project is intended to be open to support creative expression in any way that is meaningful for the community.