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Important changes coming to campus mailing and shipping

Beginning January 2024, University Print and Mail Services will implement SMART MailCenter, a new system for campus mailing and shipping. The new, all-in-one, online tool will phase out the printed green slips used for department outbound mail, It will also replace SendSuite as the primary campus shipping system.

The SMART system will streamline mailing and shipping processes both on and off campus. You can track mail and packages, print accompanying documentation, create address books, manage shipments, review costs, and create reports—all in one place! The system is Chartfield-compatible to make payment processing easy. The SMART MailCenter is only for staff who manage shipping or mail on campus for their respective organizations and is NOT meant for student or personal use.

Please note that in order to continue mailing and shipping on campus in 2024, users MUST sign up for this system. Go online to sign up today!

For questions or more information regarding the program, contact us at: 801-581-6171 or