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Huntsman Cancer Institute receives 5 tons of hand sanitizer

Thanks to the ingenuity and generosity of two companies, HCI and associated medical facilities now have access to a supply of this critical tool in the fight against COVID-19.

The Huntsman Corporation, with the generous assistance of LyondellBasell, is manufacturing hand sanitizer for distribution to health care facilities in the United States. The first distribution of the product is a 5-ton donation of medical-grade hand sanitizer to Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah health care system.

On Monday, April 6, a delivery truck dropped off the first of three shipments of medical-grade hand sanitizer to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the entire U of U Health system. The shipment had 190 five-gallon tubs of medical-grade hand sanitizer manufactured by Huntsman Corporation.

Read more about the donation and watch a video of the delivery here.