HRE response to Resident Advisors and social justice advocates


To our Resident Advisors and Social Justice Advocates,

We appreciate the opportunity to engage with you in open conversation about your concerns and requests for accommodation. We hear you and want to do what we can to address the issues you have raised. This written response follows the conference call with Barb Remsburg and the HRE Residential Education Leadership team on Aug. 23, which was arranged after receiving your initial email earlier that day. We offer this response in the hopes of continuing a dialogue that is centered on the health and well- being of our entire campus community.

The concerns brought forward by the Student Leaders are welcomed. We want students to use their voices and to share their perspectives and appreciate it when they share ideas. As we prepared for fall, we planned and prepared for a low-risk move-in process in collaboration with our public health experts. Public health experts continue to learn more about and evolve their guidance on the risk and best response to coronavirus; given that, we anticipate the residential community, like the rest of campus, also will continue to evolve its practices. We are responding in good faith and look forward to a successful outcome that includes ongoing engagement and collaboration on these issues and any other concerns or suggestions.

Read the full response to the requests of Student Leaders here.