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Hourly employees: Weekly detail coming soon to paystubs in CIS

Starting October 6, 2023, hourly employees will see more details on their online paystub in CIS.

New weekly wage details on your paycheck

Payroll has been working on enhancing pay transparency for our hourly employees’ pay details.   Paystubs for hourly employees with direct deposit will now include a detailed breakdown of weekly wages starting with the October 6, 2023 payroll cycle.  Since hours and earnings data will be displayed in a weekly format, hourly employees will see more rows.

How to view your paycheck

Employees can visit and login using their uNID credentials. Under the Employee category, select “View Paycheck.”

Feedback or questions?

Have questions?  Checkout our FAQ document here, or checkout the Payroll website at

Any questions or concerns regarding paystubs or overtime should be emailed to