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Historic 2006 “Invisible No More” march subject of exhibit

A photo exhibit curated by Armando Solórzano, associate professor in the Division of Ethnic Studies, is on display at Mestizo Coffeehouse in commemoration of Hispanic/Latinxs Heritage Month.

The exhibit, “Invisible No More: Latinxs’ Dignity March in Utah,” chronicles the historic march for humane and comprehensive immigration reform held in downtown Salt Lake City on April 6, 2006.

The march drew more than 43,000 people and is considered a hallmark in civic participation, according to Solórzano, who took the photo shown here.

To record the historical significance of this event, five Latinx photographers captured more than 5,000 images of the march. Solórzano collected the speeches made by city officials, religious leaders and community members at the march and created an archive of interviews, newspaper clippings and analysis surrounding the event. The exhibit depicts the different actors, laws, motives and accomplishments of the march.

The exhibit chronicles the event’s history in 60 frames, each with multiple photos, a T-shirt from the rally and newspaper clippings as well as quotes and captions in English and Spanish.

“Undocumented workers remain unheard and their humanity is frequently questioned,” Solórzano said. “Our display rescues their deep desires, their appreciation towards the U.S., their celebration of family values and their powerful sense of hope and optimism. For them, the march was a celebration of their dignity and humanity. And our exhibit attempts to be loyal to their deepest desires.”

The exhibit received support from the the U’s Division of Ethnic Studies and Chicana/o studies, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the U’s Graduate School of Social Work, Weber State University, the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City and Eric and Melinda Heath.

🗓️ Now through October 15

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