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Hinckley Journal of Politics Vol. 21

The 2020 Hinckley Journal of Politics is now available.

Complete with five student research papers and one public official opinion essay, the 2020 Hinckley Journal of Politics is now complete. This edition marks the 21st year the Hinckley Institute of Politics has published the student-led journal. The yearlong project was guided by co-editors Miranda Jones and Jacqueline Mumford with help from their editorial board of fellow students.

A stack of old volumes of the Hinckley Journal of Politics“It is our hope that these articles serve as not only an interesting read, but a gateway to further education and conversations in both our personal and professional lives about these topics,” said Jones and Mumford in a letter to the readers in the journal. “Now is the time, if you have not already started, to engage in conversations with people you may have never talked to before, invest more value in the voices of others and uplift voices unfamiliar to you.”

The co-editors and editorial board members read through several submissions, ultimately selecting five student research papers ranging on topics from hate speech to immunization compliance. In addition, Pam S. Perlich and Mallory Batement of the Gardner Policy Institute contributed their analysis of the 2020 census.

“This year, our team worked through extraordinary circumstances brought on by the public health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jason Perry, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, in a letter from the director in the journal. “We are proud that our students and staff worked to ensure the publication of the important research of our students and community partners.”

Read the complete 2020 Hinckley Journal of Politics Volume 21 here.

Student research papers

  • “The Influence of Neoliberalism Upon Environmental Regulation in the U.S. and Chile” by Piper Christian
  • “Barriers and Solutions to Adult Immunization Compliance and Equity: Analysis of Federal, State, and Local Programs” by Noelle M. Huhn
  • “’Negative News’ Isn’t Always Negative: Utah Journalists Reflect on News Values and Audience Engagement in the Digital Age” by Elise Saarela
  • “Hate Speech in 21st Century Jurisprudence: An Analysis of the Current Interpretation of the First Amendment and the Compelling Need for Judicial Action” by Anthony Scoma
  • “Subsidized Child Care Policy and Its Implications for Low-Income Families” by Maia L. Southwick

Public official opinion essay

  • “Census 2020: Counting the Population during a Pandemic” by Pamela S. Perlich and Mallory Batement